CAF CPS is a private commercial and consumer cargo claims administrative service provider. CAF is not a cargo or liability insurance company nor do we represent insurance companies or brokers. CAF CPS is contracted by private party commercial air, ocean, and ground transport carriers to accept, review, and process cargo and freight loss claims in accordance with the governing state, federal, or international regulations.

Our professional claims adjusters perform the administrative service functions of collecting the claim data, documenting the damage or loss, reviewing the shipping contracts, (freight bills, airway bills, bills of lading and transport), evaluating claims based on the coverage selection contracted by the consignee/shipper, and then submitting a recommendation for coverage and/or settlement to the consignor/carrier. Our claims adjusting team handles commercial and consumer claims for cargo and freight loss. Our clients represent commercial and consumer air, ocean, and ground transport carriers.

Our commercial carrier clients have found that our services provide their customers with efficient, thorough, quality, customer service oriented claims administration. We use a network of adjusters, investigators, appraisers, and professional repair firms that can investigate claims, document loss, repair damage, and settle claims in a timely manner.

This website is designed to provide commercial and consumer claimants with information about the claim process, legal remedies, and repair resources. Each claim we receive from our clients is assigned a unique claim identification number and a designated claims administrator who will investigate the claim, document the loss, coordinate third party adjusters and repair firms, answer claimant questions, and process the claim from start to finish.

Our teams of professionals combined have more than 20 years of experience in the moving industry.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the industry it is immutable fact that a happy customer maximizes company productivity, which is why customer satisfaction is the source for our diligence. We are determined to provide high quality claims processing & customer support services to the moving industry. ​​​

Our customer service representatives are dedicated to assist customers with any issue they have. It is our top priority to treat customers with the utmost respect and allow them to resolve all their concerns with a trustworthy and courteous process. 

We work closely with Household Goods Carriers to ensure proper working methods and compliance with US DOT rules and regulations.

Sarah McCarthy

Team Director



Andrew Campbell

Chairman Director