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CAF Claims Department Service

CAF Moving Claims is a third-party administration company whose primary function is to provide moving companies with claims processing and customer service. CAF Moving Claims also provides many other business services.


 We are your customer's first and only line of contact.

 We process all damage and loss claims.


 Customers can submit their claims online 24 hours a day.

  Response to Consumers Protection, General Attorney, BBB, and any other agencies.


 Chargebacks (Credit Card Disputes).

 We process your Insurance Claims and/or Subrogation Cases.


 Received Expert advice and compliance forms available during the audit Respond to complaints to consumer organizations.

Single Point of Contact for Customer Service Certified Claims Adjusters, we comply with all Federal guidelines for claims adjusting.

 (DOT certified) Expert advice on all aspects of the moving industry Tariffs- we have a Tariff lawyer on call.

Federal Regulations.

Bill of Lading contents.

Legal compliance and documentation support DOT Audit Support.


Let us take care of your claims headaches and let you concentrate on growing your business. Why not sign up for one of our packages today? It might be the best investment that you’ve ever made!

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