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What is it?

CAF Arbitration Referral Program is an option for dispute resolution for household goods claims when a settlement through the standard claim process cannot be reached.

What is included in CARP service?

The CAF Arbitration Referral Program includes an arbitration user guide for you to provide to your customers at the time of pickup, and an unofficial written hearing conducted by a neutral NAM arbitrator.

How much does it cost?

CARP charges a one-time fee of $250.00 annually. When a dispute request has been made by one of your customers an additional administrative fee will be charged by NAM and this will be split between you and the customer based on the total amount of the claim in dispute. NAM's low fees will be included in an Arbitration Program Guide. CAF Arbitration Referral Program is an easy way to offer arbitration to your customers, your membership will be automatically renewed annually and it is also easy to cancel, to do so all you need to do is send us an email and your certificate will not be renewed at the date when renewal is due.

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