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Frequently Asked Questions 
For Claims Services

How long do I have to submit my claim?

For local and long-distance moves please refer to your moving contract "Bill Of lading" in order to obtain your claim filing time frame. The time frame of submission may vary depending on your moving company and the terms and regulations of your contract.

How long do I have to wait to receive my claim package?

Am I allowed to claim property damage?

Once you received your claim form, you will be able to claim your damaged and/or missing items, in addition to this you can also claim property damage or any other type of complaint in regards to your move, that was caused at the time of the relocation of your household goods from your moving company.

How can I dispute my claim?

Once you received your settlement letter and you do not agree with the results of your evaluation, you must reply to the email containing your settlement letter with an explanation of why you are disputing your case, and supply us with any documentation that was not previously submitted. Any questions or concerns in regards to the evaluation of your claim must be addressed via email so one of our senior analysts may review your case and get back to you with an analyzed response. All disputes have to be done via email as per our legal department.

When will I received my payment?

Once we received the signed and notarized letter from you, a confirmation email will be sent to you acknowledging the document received and your signed settlement will be sent to your moving company for further compensation. At this point, you will need to contact your moving company directly in order to request a status on your payment or obtain any information in regard to your compensation.

What is a Bill Of Lading?

How will I be contacted once I file a claim?

You will be contacted within the next 24 hours of your claim submission via email, once this process is started all correspondence will be doned via email.

Once you file your new claim submission you can expect your claim package to be sent to you via email within the next 24 business hours of submission.

How can I add more items to my claim form?

When you receive your claim package you will notice that your claim form has 10 fields provided in order for you to claim 10 items. If you are in need of additional spaces to be able to claim more items you will need to send us an email to with your claim number on the subject and the number of additional claim forms that you will be requesting, keeping in mind that each claim form only brings 10 items available to claim.

What is the best way to send in my documents?

On your claim package, you will find a list of the supporting documents that we will be requesting you to submit in order to be able to file your claim correctly. All documents must be sent to us via email to and you must also be aware that we are in need of all emails sent to us with your claim number on the subject and for each attachment to be individually labeled according to the content inside (pictures included). You may attach your documents to your email in a PDF, Zip Folder, or Word document. Once your claim package is submitted you will be receiving a confirmation email within the next 24 business hours of the documents received and/or any additional documentation that is being requested or that was not supplied to us.

This is the contract that was signed between you and your moving company, it details all the services that you agreed upon and the charges associated with your move. This document should be easy to identify as it should say at the top of the document "Bill Of Lading".

What is an Inventory List?

The inventory list is a table listing all of the items that were included during your move and that were tendered to your mover for shipping. This document is usually performed at the time of pick up and it is used for identification and labeled puposes.

What is a Valuation Addendum?

The valuation addendum is the coverage for the items that are lost, destroyed, or damage during a move, and it is the carrie's maximum level of liability. This document defines the moving valuation that was chosen by you depending on the liability that you signed on.

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