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We extend our sincerest apologies for any damage and/or inconvenience you have incurred throughout the process of your move. Please fill out the brief questionnaire by pressing the button below to the best of your ability, as it will allow us to send you the claims package.


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Claim Process

How to file your claim?

Stage 2
Claim acknowledgment letter

Phase 1
Filing of a claim

Once you are on our website click on the tab icon titled "FILE A CLAIM" and fill out the requested information in the fields provided by us. This is the registration part of your claim/complaint, therefore we would only need basic information in order to be able to send you a claims package. After registering your claim we will contact you via email with your claims package in order to provide you with the opportunity to submit your items or complaints and any additional supporting documentation that we may request, this must be sent via email.

Phase 4
Data collecting and processing of your claim

Once your claim package is submitted, your claim will be sent to our claim analyst department where a claim specialist will be analyzing all the data collected and look forward to a resolution. Everything submitted will be taken under consideration at the time of processing and all parties involved will be contacted. If any documentation is required at the time of evaluation your case and was not previously submmitted we will contact you via email or phone in order to request this information. If your claim was not submmitted corretly and we are pending on a documentation from you, your case may be delayed and it will remain on our system as a pending claim. Please keep in mind that if you refuse to submit the required documentation your case may be denied. 

Phase 2
Claims acknowledgment letter

Once we receive your new claim registration through our website or via email, it is entered into our database and a file is generated for your case, you will be receiving a claim number and this is how your claim will be identified . A Claim Acknowledgement Letter will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the following business day. This email will ask that you please allow 2 - 5 business days for us to validate your patronage with the company you are filing a claim/complaint against.

Phase 5
Settlement letter and agreement with your moving provider

Once your moving provider determines the claim settlement amount, our claim analyst department will send you a Settlement Letter via email. This form shows the results of your settlement and the conditions of accepting the settlement that was offered. You will be required to sign and notarize this 

settlement letter before returning it to us. Once we receive your signed and notarized settlement letter a notice will be sent to you confirming receipt of the documentit will be forwarded to your moving company in order for them to release your payment. We are a third party claims processing company. We are not your moving company and therefore your contract is with them, and they will be the ones that will be paying for your claim.

Phase 3
Claims Instruction Form

On your claim package, there will be an attachment which is named "Claims Instruction Form". In this form, you will find all the necessary information on how to submit your claim correctly and the terms and conditions that you must know prior to the completion of your claim.  The form will request you to provide supporting documents, such as proof of any damage caused by the movers (pictures labeled), and a copy of all documentation given by your moving company (contract BOL and inventory list). All documentation must be sent to

Phase 6
How to dispute your settlement letter (If needed)

If you are not satisfied with the settlement letter that was offered by your carrier, you must send us an email with a dispute request and the reason why you are disputing. Also any supporting documentation that was not submitted before to the same email address you’ve sent all prior correspondence to.  

You will be receiving an email acknowleding the dispute that was recieved and one of our senior analyst will then be reviewing your case and collecting any data that may have been missed before. 


LOGO (1).png

CAF Claims Department

CAF Moving Claims is a third-party administration company whose primary function is to provide moving companies with claims processing and customer service. 

CARP Caf Arbitration Referral Program-.png

CAF Arbitration Referral Program

CAF Arbitration Referral Program is an option for dispute resolution for household goods claims when a settlement through the standard claim process cannot be reached.


CAF Tariff Referral

CAF Moving Claim also specializes in moving tariff refferal, get in contact with us to have a custom tariff made for your moving company

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